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This is my review on the complete 5 Fighting Animal series on sealed individual card backs by toy company Tatsumiya, made in China and designs from Japan.

The packaging is very vintage Japanese 1980's. You have cool stylized Japanese and I think Mandarin font.
All 5 cats. From what I know I'm guessing their names are from left to right: Lion, Wild Cat, Black Panther, Cheetah, and Tiger. I really don't know if there is any other names for them other than just simply the cat modes their based on. 

Lion close up

Wild Cat close up

Black Panther close up

Cheetah close up

Tiger close up

Back view

The paint jobs and stickers on these versions are slightly different from the international versions, like the Fighting Animal series by LH (Champion Crown) or the Robo-Kats series by Tek Toys.
Note: I used Tiger's variant since I kept the original Tatsumiya, Tiger sealed. The variant is different with the back stripes which has no black and only yellow stripes, otherwise its not entirely different.

Animal Modes

Robot Modes

Lion Robot Mode

Wild Cat Robot Mode

Cheetah Robot Mode

Tiger Robot Mode

Black Panther Robot Mode

I love the set! It is hard to find and glad have them in my collection. Quality is the same as the international releases but I really like the colour schemes a little more than the variants that came after.
I hope you enjoyed viewing!
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