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It is a pleasure to introduce a rare gift set I've obtained and that is Les Mutant Transformables, Reptile Enhavhisseur (The Mutant Transformables, Reptile Invader) released by Lansay and made by toy companies Mark and Select. I've never seen them before like the Insecte Envahisseur (Insect Invader) and Insecte de Combat (Insect of Combat) and then a fruitful opportunity arose!
It came near complete with all 5 reptiles but just a few things are missing, like some weapon accessories and instructions but it's all good.
Now onto the review!

Front view

The front view of the box detailing has its own colour layout to contrast differently from the other Lansay - Mutant gift sets which looks great. I always love to marvel at the amount of designing, toy artwork, and overall effort the creators put into selling these toys. On the bottom right side of the box shows beautiful artwork of a nature environment where I can imagine the Reptile Invaders would inhabit in and perhaps fight with their arch rivals the Animals of Combat and Insects of Combat. The box has clear plastic windows to reveal the toys in Mutant modes and stylized text to describe their respective reptile modes. Some parts of my box are a little worn out and missing some parts of it but again its all good, majority of it is in great shape.

Top, bottom, and side views

More of the packaging, excellent detailing and colours. 

Inside view

The toys come on styrofoam insert, its fantastic. Unfortunately my set was missing the toy instructions but it's all good, I still love them!

Comparison next to the Japanese version Bioroid series.

The toys
Each toy has its own unique features and the synergism between them all is wonderful. I have the original Japanese individual box sets of the reptiles and the difference between them is no different since the toys themselves are manufactured by the same toy companies, its mostly the toy packaging that is significantly different, Lansay has done an amazing job with their versions.

And finally a view of the 3 of 4 Mutant box sets and hoping to find the last box set I need to complete all 4 sets of the toy line which is the Animal de Combat (Animal of Combat) also known as the Fighting Animals.

They look great together when the toys are in their boxes or outside of them. If you line them next to other series like the insects. I'm so glad to know they exist and proud to have them in my collection!

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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