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Welcome to the Sacred Beast Legend Biorioid - TRIANFORCE - Insects review!

I've talked about the 5 TRIANFORCE kats and now I will talk about the 4 TRIANFORCE insects that were part of the team as members as well. They were released in 1986 by toy companies HERO, MARK, and SELECT. 
I discovered more on one of the foreign countries who also released this toy line being Lansay a french company who released them as MUTANT - LES MUTANT TRANSFORMABLES about the same time as the Japanese versions.
In the review I'll discuss both versions which gives me a chance to talk about more new information between the 2 releases. I managed to obtain 3 of them which I'll discuss also and missing 1 member but I'll provide photos of them from my kind contributors who do possess them and so you can see the complete set. Now onto the review, I hope you enjoy it!

Notes: Bioroid (I use to refer to the toys' humanoid robot modes) and Mutant (I use to refer to the french versions) 



To finally see a toy packaged version of the Trianforce insects is really rewarding and amazing!
Here you can see the toys in Mutant modes + weapon accessories in see through plastic covers.
You can see beautifully done toy artwork of their insect modes and the insect names in french they're based on which are starting from top to bototm: Abeille = Bee, Sauterelle = Grasshopper, Libellule = Dragonfly, and Papillon = Butterfly. In the middle of the box art where it has the main title of the series translates to Mutant - The Mutant Transformables and bottom highlighted in green Insect The Combat.
As a whole the toy packaging is really great to look at, it is aesthetically pleasing and enticing!


The Mutant insects + accessories come on styrofoam tray, they look great!


On the side of the toy packaging is wonderful toy artwork of each group teams.
From left to right: Animal De Combat (Animal Of Combat), Reptile Envahisseur (Reptile Invader), Insecte De Combat (lnsect Of Combat), and Insecte Envahisseur (Insect Invader).

Additional information: These were also released on individual card backs which I'd love to see one day.


Role: Attack
Weapon: Rim Shooter

Queen Bee - Mode

( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The design is a great interpretation of a robotic Queen Bee, with anatomy and proportions. The colour scheme is also accurate to a Queen Bee, except for a few things like the cool blue wings and we get some nice detail paint jobs. As for articulation you can move the insect legs up and down and move the insect wings around 360 degrees. A neat little thing you can do with her weapon accessory is store it on the back of her thorax which I believe is a unique trait among all the insects in the Bioroid/Mutant toy line which is very cool! Apart from that it is a simple and effective wonderful toy that portrays its insect based mode.
Note: I am missing a few stickers for the toy.

Bioroid/Mutant - Mode

( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The Bioroid/Mutant design has a interesting figure and a unique one among the Trianforce insects and it has to do with the transformation. When fully transformed you get some pretty cool articulation for the arms, they are on a plastic ball joint, which allows you to rotate the arms in many different poses and there is a hole around the risk area where you put the weapon accessory. With the legs you can move them inwards or outwards and you can move the feet up and down and the insect legs you can move them forward or backwards mostly for the transformation.

Role: Information
Weapon: Apical Spiker

Buttefly - Mode

( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The insect design for Battle-Queen is a good accurate representation of a real butterfly. There is a nice mixture of colours and sticker designs. I like the gold spray painted abdomen parts which makes her stand out. The blue wings are great, they can rotate forward and backwards and can articulate also inwards and forward around the top parts. Apart from the insect wings, the insect head can turn sideways left and right but turning it all the way will reveal the B/M face. The insect legs can't move but provide a solid stability for the toy. Overall I enjoy the toy in insect mode, it stands out well.
Note: I am missing a few stickers for the toy and missing 2 of the small fold out wing parts.

Bioroid/Mutant - Mode

( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The B/M mode is fantastic, when you fully transform Battle-Queen, you get more colour contrast when you reveal her B/M legs and feet when you open up and split up the insect abdomen parts which also become skirts looking design a great touch and unique to her. The B/M arms slide outwards from the shoulders and from the lower parts of the arms you fold out straight from the elbows then you can place her weapon accessory in either hands from the insides. Finally you rotate the insect head 180 degrees to reveal the B/M head, the head sculpts are nicely detailed and designed.

Role: Reconnaisance
Weapon: Aero Saber

Dragonfly - Mode
(Photo from  Super B-class Morfing Robot Wars Dagangu - book, since I don't have a complete version of this toy.)
( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The Dragonfly mode is portrayed well with the proportions and overall appearance. The colour scheme is dark with blacks, red, yellow stickers, blue wings, and a chrome head with chrome eyes. For articulation the tail has a double hinge joint that can move and down and the 4 insect wings can moves 180 degrees upwards. 

Bioroid / Mutant - Mode
(Photo from  Super B-class Morfing Robot Wars Dagangu - book, since I don't have a complete version of this toy.)
( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The B/M mode is well balanced with its proportions and design. The colours contrast nicely, the reds stand out among the blacks, skin colour, yellow stickers on the legs. You can hold his chrome weapon accessory Aero Saber on either hand. For articulation, the arms have a elbow joints the legs the same, and the feet rotate upwards, and the insect wings the same form the insect mode. Overall I really like his transformed design, he definitely has a agile look which is a good relation to his insect mode.

Role: Reconnaisance
Weapon: Hyper Saber

Insect - Mode
(Photo from Super B-class Morfing Robot Wars Dagangu - book since I don't have this toy yet.)
( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The insect mode is portrayed well as a Prey Mantis. The design has cool features, I like the chrome front legs. The red compound eyes are chrome which is a unique feature among his Trianforce insect members, why they did this is because all of them have green coloured insect eyes so it was a way to contrast his to not blend in his insect skin mode which is mostly all green. The insect wings are blue like the rest and are nice. For the articulation there is some on his front insect that can rotate 360 degrees from the shoulders and can move the elbows up and down for the silver chrome parts. There is insect articulation for each 4 insect legs on the sides that can move up and down. And finally the blue insect wings can rotate outwards 180 degrees and inwards. Overall a clean and cool insect mode design.

Bioroid / Mutant - Mode
(Photo from Super B-class Morfing Robot Wars Dagangu - book since I don't have this toy yet.)
( Photo contribution: Toykitch )
The B/M mode is designed well. The details of the humanoid and robot/insect parts are nice. I like the red stickers around his chest and legs which contrast good with the overall colour scheme and the red insect compound eyes. He can wield his chrome weapon accessory Hyper Saber on either hand. For the articulation you can move his arms upwards and downwards 180 degrees. There is knees can rotate 180 degrees. The insect legs that are attached on the side of the arms and legs can move upwards and downwards but for the insect legs on the B/M legs should be positioned a certain way to enable the toy to balance and stand properly. The blue insect wings can articulate the same as insect mode. Overall a cool balanced looking B/M mode from his Prey Mantis mode.


The design and quality differences varies in some areas, like the plastic, paint job, stickers, and accessories. Like with the international versions after the originals, it isn't a far stretch in quality, they are both fragile still and must handle these toys with great care!

I love this set like the rest! I hope in the future to edit this post when I fully complete the set but I wanted to share what they look like with what resources I have so I hope you enjoyed it!

Huge gratitude and credit to Stéphane & Toykitch, for all the help, information, and photos on these cool toys!

Kind & best regards,

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