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Welcome to the Sacred Beast Legend Biorioid - DELTAFORCE - Insects review!

I've talked about the 5 DELTAFORCE reptiles and now I will talk about the 4 DELTAFORCE insects that were part of the team as members as well. They were released in 1986 by toy companies HERO, MARK, and SELECT. From what I've researched, these were possibly special editions or exclusives only released in foreign counties. I've never seen any content of them anywhere except in the toy catalog (photo below) where it shows only toy photos of their insect modes and toy artwork of their human Bioroid modes. I wish I knew what the original packaging looked like, which I don't have but hoping one day I'll find a source! I was very curious to see the Bioroid modes in toy photo form but I couldn't find any, that is until now getting a great deal on a loose set that I will share here!

Notes: Bioroid (I use to refer to the toys' humanoid robot modes). 


( Note: DEATH-FLY's toy artwork is misplaced with WASPRAN's to show what their insect modes are, not sure why! )
As shown above the toy catalog featuring the DELTAFORCE insect members. Great toy artwork of them in human Bioroid modes with their weapons and beside them written profiles explaining their roles, weight, height, wingspan, speed, weapons, and characteristics. I hope one day to translate all of it but in the review on each member I will just translate their roles and give my own words about them!


Role: Reconnaissance.


The name given to him says it all for his insect mode but DEATH comes first! 

What I like about the fly based mode is it looks just exactly like one but in a more robotic capacity. The overall shape and proportions are well designed with a silver chrome painted head and also metallic chromed painted red compound eyes that gives it a evil look and yet realistic reference to a real fly and it has 4 mechanical mandibles which looks like weapons he can shoot out of, a great touch.

The thorax left and right parts have vent-like designs and a shiny gold/black sticker in the middle. 
Then you get the wings which are very articulated and are my favourite parts on the toy. You can move them around a lot in different positions but when you transform him into Bioroid mode it comes a bit restricted. They are semi-clear orange coloured with well designed vein details molded on the wings which I think contrasts so aesthetically with the whole toy colour scheme and for the other team members who share the same quality. 
The legs are all articulate from 1 to 6 of them allowing you to play around with them a bit and it makes him stand the tallest of the 4 in insect modes.
Lastly the thorax is painted with wonderful gold colour which can move a little up and down.  

Things to know: Most important is the insect leg parts can easily break off from the underside due to the plastic quality not being very strong. I would advise when playing around with him in insect mode or Bioroid mode that you lightly handle the legs when standing him or overall playing with him to avoid having them being stressed or broken off!
Critique: You can visibly see the human skin coloured upper-arm parts on both sides below his wings, but that is very minor and the overall look and design portrays what it was intended for a fly for disguise.

Overall thoughts: Overall the insect mode is very convincing and portrays a deadly fly and I love the chosen colour scheme!


( Toy company trademark - ©SELECT 1986 MADE IN JAPAN )

When transforming from insect mode to Bioroid mode it is a bit tricky because you have to take care when folding out his robot legs from inside his insect thorax parts and you have to position them and the insect legs accordingly to achieve the transformation other than that the rest is straight forward and the final result looks cool. I like the black parts which contrast well with the human parts, stickers, and plastic semi-clear orange wings. The face design is well molded with the red painted insect shaped eyes and love the brain parts that are coloured green that covers most of his head. He has arm articulation but only above his soldiers around 180 degrees enough to hold out his weapon accessory. The weapon sword is curved in odd looking unique way. He has some knee and foot articulation. The transparent insect wings can move around but its mostly for the transformation. The insect legs can move around but if you don't position them properly he will fall over due to being off balance and its what keeps him standing in a balanced position.

Things to know: The main thing to watch out for is the hinges that connect the insect legs to articulate from his Bioroid back. They tend to break off if they are stressed a lot.

Overall thoughts: His overall design and colours I really like, it's simple and effective. He reminds me a lot of the Transformers, Deluxe Insecticon Venom or the Beetras Beet-Zaguna. Just with the overall transforming design and colour scheme, especially the transparent orange wings. 
He came near complete. He was missing his weapon sword accessory but instead I got a spare from a international version which I believe the quality and colours are probably almost the exact same and are on par with the original and I think it fits in nicely as a replacement. His missing a yellow sticker for his right leg which I hope to replace one day. And finally some of his back hinges that connect for the insect legs were broken off already and manage to fix them up as best as I could to almost complete him! 

Role: Attack


The shape proportions are designed a little different from a actual real wasp but it looks still cool. The head design is really nice, you got the black antennas flare outwards. There is there is the consistent silver chrome for the whole head and red painted chrome for the big compound eyes giving that sinister evil look for an insect. The gold thorax parts are great and the abdomen is all black plastic. The 6 insect legs are all non articulated but they're alright. And finally the orange semi-transparent wings are wonderfully done in design, you can see the details of the veins and they just work well with the contrasting of the overall colours of the toy.

Things to know: You must take care of the antennas, they are a bit thin and could break off if you knock them around stuff otherwise they should be fine. There is the silver and red chrome parts on the head that can chrome off if you happen to have something in contact with them that causes scratching as you can see with mine but was already like when I got but its still great looking condition! The insect legs may be a little concern but not a big one because they won't break off that easily, their strong enough but just be wary.    

Overall thoughts: Love the overall design and colours. Everything compliments each other, especially the colours, its not overally done and it gives off the wasp insect look, only thing would of been nice is a stinger at the end of its abdomen otherwise lovely insect design!


( Toy company trademark - MARK - MADE IN TAIWAN - MF-1212 )

A straight forward transformation from insect to Bioroid mode. You fold out the abdomen parts which become the legs and inside you fold out the feet. Before you do that you have to rotate the insect wings up so you got clearance for them. After that you slide out the gold thorax parts which reveals the arms and you can articulate them just enough to hold his sword but not completely straight up. Then finally you fold out the insect head backwards to his back. Once you completely transform him, the final result is excellent. His head design is all robotic looking while his face is like the calm and evil looking with those big red eyes. The body blue painted parts is a great touch along with the gold sticker around his waste to contrast him a bit more. The gold painted thorax parts I love which become large should armor and with the abdomen now becoming the legs give him a bulky and tough presence and look.

Things to know: I'd say the main things to watch out for is his legs, when you fold them out just take care because they are hollow around the back but they are very stable when you stand him up. Another thing is the insect head where they connect with hinges and screws, just be wary to about folding them forward or backwards. Otherwise a very well balanced toy!

Overall thoughts: I really like the whole design and colours of WASPRAN, just because of his more broader size which makes him look strong and the colour scheme is great, you got colours that work well together and his weapon accessory sword is cool!

Role: Attack


MOSQULANO's design portrays a real insect mosquito very well. The colours are a interesting choice when next to the other DELTAFORCE insects since she has lighter colour scheme but I think in a good way to contrast her differently yet be consistent with her team members. Like all the insect members she has a chrome all over the head along with the proboscis and the nice red painted compound eyes. Most all the parts are grey-metallic painted except for the red parts around the abdomen which a great way to contrast her more. The orange semi-transparent insect wings are always the best part, they are designed fantastically with the details of the veins and are articulate. The most interesting part about her toy is each insect leg is on a ball joint and can articulate 360 degrees and they can extend inwards or outwards. This gives her the most articulation of any DELTAFORCE and in the whole BIOROID toy line which is very impressive!
Note: My rear insect legs are pre-broken already which originally are extended out more and serve as weapon legs. It's no problem I will fix them in the future!

Things to know: The insect legs could wear down through time, depending how much you play with them which will cause them to become more loose and flimsy, resulting in them to be hard to position them and be stiff so its something to be a bit wary of. 

Overall thoughts: I love the overall design and colours. They did a good job creating the mosquito mode accurately and the fully articulated insect legs was a great choice for more play value.


( Toy company trademark: ©SELECT 1986 MADE IN JAPAN )
The transformation from insect to Bioroid mode is simple. You slide down the abdomen parts to become the legs and flip out the 2 part pieces for her feet, front parts and back parts which is hill spurs and which stabilizes her balance. Next is the fold back the insect head all the way to her back to reveal the Bioroid head which I find the most evil looking out of the DELTAFORCE members. For it being a female character her face details are mature and emasculate looking with a very sinister smile. She has green her which is painted quite nicely in a metallic colour. With the insect wings you can position them how ever you like. And finally around the grey shoulder parts you slide them in wards or you can leave them slid out. The hold body parts are painted red and you have a nice sticker with some orange colours on it to contrast the red parts a bit more. The most noticeable feature is of course her being a female toy is her chest parts, very different. As mentioned for her insect mode, they are very articulated and have a lot of play value to them. She holds her axe staff weapon accessory on either hand, just depends what you prefer. 
Note: I've just put on some glue tack on the ball joints and end of her weapon accessory just to hold them since the arms being  a bit loose and for the weapon accessory is just a little thin to hold her weapon but it stays in for the most part.
Things to know: There really isn't any thing to watch out for other than possibly the insect legs/arms ball joints. To avoid them getting them loose, just be wary of how many times you articulate them so they don't wear down. And perhaps the insect head when folding it outwards or inwards just don't take care not to knock it off. 
Overall thoughts: The whole design and colours are cool, I don't know if there is anything I would add to make it look better, maybe just some stickers on her legs to contrast them out more or around the legs too. Otherwise love it all!


Role: Information


ZONUS has a lovely portrayal for a moth, not sure what type but nonetheless shows the appearance of one. As seen with the other DELTAFORCE insects, they have the consistent silver chrome insect heads with the nice red painted chrome compound eyes. There is black antennae's attached to the head that stick out and the head can move up and down for articulation. The thorax, abdomen, and insect legs are all painted chestnut brown which makes every other part create some contrast. There is some cool gold/brown stickers on the end of the abdomen parts. At last my favourites as always is the orange semi-transparent insect wings. Her insect wings are the most unique as they can rotate up and down to create the insect flapping flying ability. Also she has 4 insect wings, 2 at the forefront and 2 and back parts that are screwed on top and can articulate around 180 degrees, giving different play value which I love. Finally the insect wings have the vein details and like actual real moths there is 'eye spots' on each wing, the amount of detail on her wings was designed with great detail.

Things to know: There is very little to be wary of except for the insect legs could possibly wear down through time and become loose.

Overall thoughts: The overall moth design is wonderful and the colours chosen contrasts well with the insect head, wings, and stickers. The wings especially are my favourite parts and love due to the amount of effort that was put into them!


( Toy company trademark: ©SELECT 1986 MADE IN JAPAN )
The transformation from insect to Bioroid mode is simple and straight forward. You fold out the abdomen for the legs and you got 2 parts to the feet that you rotate out, 2 front parts forward and 2 parts outwards for hill spurs. Then you fold back the insect head which only goes half way back. Next you push and slide up the thorax part to reveal the head. The head design is nice being it a female character. She has a well designed face, very calm looking with red eyes and brown hair. The She has female designed chest parts which are painted in grey/silver metallic colour and on her waste also which I really like. Below her chest is some orange and black stripped stickers which are cool and you got the gold/brown stickers on her legs which really stand out. Lastly you fold in all the insect legs. She some good articulation around the arms about 180 degrees so she could fire with her cool double-crossbow like weapon accessory. Next is some knee and feet articulation which is mostly for the transformation. And lastly the awesome insect wings play-ability.
Note: I believe I'm only missing her sticker on her middle waist part which would be similar design and colours like under her chest parts but its ok, since she came complete with everything else!

Things to know: As mentioned with her insect mode, there isn't much to be wary out for other than the insect legs and perhaps her Bioroid legs possibly you would be just a bit more careful of since they are hollow at the back and don't want to risk knocking them to break off. 
Overall thoughts: I love the fact that this is another female member of the DELTAFORCE team making it 2 with MOSQULANO. I also love the moth and colour designs that they chose, especially the unique wings among the rest. Only thing that could of been more nicer is with her Bioroid head, if they could of moved it forward more so you can see it more clearly from a diagonal view because the front insect legs block her face. Otherwise I really like everything about her!


Top - From left to right: DEATH-FLY, WASPRAN, MOSQULANO, MOTH.

They all look amazing together and they all blend in so well as the evil legion DELTAFORCE team!

Starting with DEATH-FLY ending with ZONUS.Left: Original version. | Right: TEK TOYS version.

I had a great time sharing and reviewing my now complete DELTAFORCE set with you people who have viewed this post! I'm happy to complete it and play around with them and explain the quality and differences it was released in.
Special thanks to "silvestrix" for this opportunity to obtain this rare set!
If you have any questions, please feel welcome to ask!

Kind and best regards,


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  2. This post is amazing. I had your original post bookmarked on my computer and just discovered this second entry today. I have the Tek Toys versions of these and always thought they were fantastic little oddities. But now I'm jealous of the original headsculpts. Have you even come across the Trianforce insects? (Doola, Queen-Bee, Battle-Queen, and Kratis?) I also have the cheaper knockoffs of those, but would love to see their original heads. There are an amazing amount of females in this line, that's what I'm most impressed with.

    1. To Alex, thank you very much for your kind heartfelt comment, I'm so happy your come across my blog!
      That is fantastic to know, the Tek Toys versions are great to have and I think blend in well with Transformers toys in general. Aw, I hope you find a set for yourself one day!
      Not yet, I'd love to find a set since they are very uncommon to see around, oh if you'd like to see I have a scan of what they all look like in toy form.
      Check that link out. You are right, what makes the Trianforce and Deltaforce insect teams really cool is them having female members, which is different and great to see.
      Thank you so kindly for your message, I really appreciate the feedback and take care!

      Kind & best regards,