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Here you will see multiple photos of my collection and my story through comments relating to them over the course of when I first started collecting these toys and fell deeply in love with them! 
To make things easier I will refer to each toys as:


It all started around March 2013 and discovering old but to me new G1 styled Transformer looking toys that drew me in with great nostalgia and excitement!

Here is the whole set of "MAXI - INSECTO ROBOT" complete and sealed. It is my very first complete set of the Insects from this toy line along with my single "V WORLD - FIGHTING ANIMAL - LION".

Transformers G1 Insecticon looking right? Which is the one main reason I had to get these, they reminded me a lot like them in a more colourful way, perhaps like the Transformers G1 Deluxe Insecticons. They also have that G1 block/brickiness designs and simple transformations which makes it very nostalgic and is my favourite style I love about transforming robot toys!

Insects in alt modes with the G1 Insecticons.

Insects in robot modes with the G1 Insecticons.
This is where my Insecticon Syndrome begins and where my Insecticon Army grows!
The size comparisons are almost the same size as the G1 Insecticons, it was perfect!

The next set of toys I wanted to complete which was the Kats! When I first obtained the LION I saw the other 4 Kat members you could collect and I was so excited and motivated to find them pronto! I managed to get the CHEETAH, TIGER, and BLACK PANTHER in ROBO-KATS versions nicely sealed on card-backs. Later on I managed to find the last 1 I was eager to get which was the WILD CAT but I was sadly was missing its accessory and knowingly I saw it was a different version from the FIGHTING ANIMAL and ROBO-KATS series and I was curious which series it came from and I believe it is from one called TATSUMIYA - FIGHTING ANIMAL series which is different from the V WORLD series because of the paint jobs that were done on the with plastic molds. 
But once I found this 4-pack of ROBO-KATS it was gold to me! When I found this set with not only the last Kat WILD CAT with accessory which I needed, seeing all 4 Kats in one box set, oh my thanks God ! When I first got the LION I knew I wanted the rest of these Kats and to finally have them all now completed together, I knew my TRANSFORMERS/VOLTRON Kats are ready to prowl out!

The next set of toys I found out about from the toy line being the Reptiles! I managed to obtain 2 from the V WORLD - INVADING REPTILE series, the CHAMELEON and GILLA MONSTER both nicely sealed. The last 2 I needed I obtained from the MASTERBOTIX - REPTILIBOTS series, the ALLIGATOR and IGUANA which completed all 4 Reptiles and it was a new discovery finding out about another toy company producing this toy line.

Reptiles in alt modes. Simply love the design and colours on these toys and the red IGUANA colour paint job always got me curious why red instead of another green like its fellow Reptile members but I believe it was just to make it different.

Reptiles in robot modes. Looking all cool, although its unfortunate that the ALLIGATOR is the only Reptile that can hold his accessories as hand held weapons but as for the rest they can still rotate them around so all good! I never imagined too much about transformer reptiles until now owning these toys which puts a better perspective on how much more creature G1 like transformers we can imagine to existence!

Now here is the accumulation of this toy line when I started collect them perhaps over the past few months or so and wanting to complete all 5 Kats, 4 Reptiles, and 8 Insects. Oh it was a challenge since I was so driven to find them all but along the way I kept learning more information about them and just the vast majority of different releases they possessed. I would literally enjoy seeing another version of a Kat in a different colour scheme paint job or in a different style of toy package with interesting designs which makes it always eye catching then from there I ended up with multiples of the toys.

All together both in altt and robot modes. They are so bright and colourful, makes them look so appealing and fun! As for the 4 toys at the back row, they are from a toy series called ROBO-DINO which I'll have a separate blog for. Overall they all share same qualities, toy quality, paint jobs, sticker quality, designs, articulation, chrome, chrome accessories, and all in all functionality as good ol school transforming robot toys!
MY STORY AND COLLECTION - PART 2 coming soon... With more updates of my collection that I have obtained from 2013 to 2014!


  1. I had those exact toys as a kid waaaaay back in'92. Specifically the praying mantis and dragonfly, and the four dinobots in those last two pictures. Now my memory is fuzzy, but I believe I got them at Big Lots! in Texas at the time. Man this brings me way back!

    1. Hello R25, firstly I'm very happy to hear it brings back fond memories, these toys are either forgotten or remembered by people who actually enjoyed them as Transformer toys and your definitely one of them which I enjoy reading your experience from them. Yes 1992 is about the accurate date they were sold all around different countries, and there are quite a few variants of these toys which is quite remarkable. And lastly, thank you so much for the reply, it means a lot!
      Oh and question, do you still have any of them left?

    2. I got mine at a dollar general in 91 or 92, I had mantis and the moth I still have the weapon for mantis although much of my old transformer collection is gone. I do distinctly remember that when "knock off" transformers started hitting the market they felt cheap but these guys felt solid as if they were a part of the mainstream line.

  2. Hi, I'm from Argentina and I also had them in the 90's. Regards,

  3. Hi Lucia, thank you very much for your reply! It is good to hear you had these toys. I got these 8 Insecto Robots from Argentina from a great seller and I love them!

    Kind & best regards,