Sunday, 17 August 2014


Now for the last set of the series!

( Front and back view toy packaging by LH, PAT.P.LEADER SHINE ENT. CO., LTD.
Single plastic seal box card-back.)

The INVADING INSECTs are great, they have great different colours on them with some also sharing a consistent colour scheme themes that allows them to look like a deadly insect team! Like the other previous 3 sets, these exist in different styles and have learned there is literally endless versions from what I've seen. As for my thoughts on the whole look of this fourth set in the series, I love it just like the rest and it continues to teach me more about them and how much fun they are!

( Front and back view toy packaging by LH, PAT.P.LEADER SHINE ENT. CO., LTD.
Single plastic seal box card-box. Great photo credits to ebay seller "kreatobergas". )

This is another interesting type of toy packaging that stands out uniquely like the rest. The choice of colours on the packaging is what really grabs me due to mostly in the V WORLD series they stick with the consistent colours that represent each teams but in that case they change it up even more with a soild botanical green which I really like since it relates to insects living mostly in that environment. It stuns me again to see more variety of how these toy companies approach on marketing these toys, I never get enough of it!

( Toy art work of FIGHTING INSECT. )

( All in robot and insect modes. )

( INVADING INSECT - Complete individual cardbacks. Last photo credit: not sure, if you know let me know! )

( Toy 4-pack box set. ROBO-INVADERS front and back view. )

( LH, PAT.P. LEADER SHINE - V WORLD - INVADING INSECT - 4-PACK BOX SET, ALL VIEWS (MADE IN TAIWAN). Special thanks to ebay seller "pierluca22" for the great photos! I wanted to use the seller's photos instead of my own to show my gratitude for putting it up for auction. )
This is one of my most priced possessions from this toy line and I am grateful for the seller who kept it in near perfect condition! When I first laid eyes on this version of toy packaging I was blasted away and excited at the same time because I have never seen a version like it. It has the clear thin plastic see through material to allow you to see the toys in a different way with all the fantastic name designs and toy artwork all around with many colour choices to compliment everything you see which makes it very appealing. The top part of the box has a think plastic handle allowing you to carry it like a suitcase, boy I would of been super happy to do that as a kid if ran into this in the store. The bottom part has clear writing of what the toy line series is called. The left and right side parts of the box show the wonderful toy artwork transformations of all the 4 Invading Insects. Now for my favourite part which is back of the box, as you can see it shows all of the toy artwork of the toy/characters that you can collect and apart of the V WORLD series. I've always been wanting box set where it has all them ever since seeing Choryujin's FIGHTING INSECT 4-pack box set version which is similar since it shows all the toy artwork characters as well at the back of the box and to finally have my own is very special to me.
Now for inside the box you get all 4 Invading Insects with all accessories included on styrofoam which blew me away even more and it reminded me of good ol G1 Transformer toy packaging so I was so happy to see this apart of the box set since it was another new discovery that the toy companies have done many more toy packaging desgins to market them better with a wide range to choose from.
Overall this completes my satisfaction of finding a all round perfect toy packaging of this toy line since it has everything on it to make it worth keeping no matter what and without a doubt this is one of my holy grails which I'm proud to have!


(  WINGED-BOTS toy packaging. Single card back. )

Company Manufacture - TRENDMASTERS, INC. 
Release - Single card back collectibles. A total of 10 WINGED-BOTS to complete the set. Each sold separately. This set is different as it came with 2 extra new insects instead 8 which was the total you couldn't collect from the INVADING INSECT and ROBO-INVADERS series. 
Year - Around the late 1980s and early 1990s
Designs - Japan
Made In - China
  MAXI, INSECTO ROBOT toy packaging. Single card back. )
Company Manufacturer - PACICPA
Series Name - MAXI
Release - Single card back collectibles. A total of 8 INSECTO ROBOT to complete the set. Each sold separately. A 3-pack set was available but they are of lower design quality and quality in general.Year - Around the late 1980s and early 1990s
Designs - Japan
Made In - China


GOOD SIDES> These toys are really fun for their simple play-ability transformations and chrome accessories they come with.
> Each have unique consistent looking designs from robot mode to insect modes and their colour schemes are very bright and colourful which is another appealing feature about these toys.
> In robot mode each have basic articulation from the arms and elbows. 
> The Mosquito has the most articulation of all the Invading Insects, she has 6 ball joints in her arms which allows her arm/legs to move all around, impressive!
> In insect mode some have basic articulation like 360 or 180 rotation. The legs flip out or slide out. You can move the heads left and right.
>  - For their time they are fragile toys and I have had experiences where parts broke off, so be extremely careful when handling them!
Being a Transformer G1 fan, I fell in love with these toys and their wide range of packaging. They have inspired me to dedicate more to them by doing a illustration project based on all their toy designs and toy art work.



  1. Hi again - Okay there is the Mosquito. BUT the two I have the LH logo has been blotted out on them. True boots.

    1. Hi again Mark, ok its possible that the ones you have are different versions and released by a different distributor that the toy company released them as. Do you have a photo that you can send to me to show me yours?