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Robo-Synergy is a fan created project idea of mine for this international toy line which never got any real story behind the toys, they got given names but that was all and it was only the original Japanese versions that got actual given a story and bios of each toy/character. The name Robo short for Robot and Synergy meaning when 2 things work together as one, which I really liked the sound of. The Prowlers designs are all based on the toys and toy art work designs which I have tried to stay true to as much as possible and made my own redesigns along the way to suit my personal interest in robot and colour designing. I wanted to create my own original names for the toys/characters but with some sounding similar and resonating very close to the original toy names which I found still cool and appealing. Without further due you can read the information below on the characters which will feature in a fan comic I'm creating for them all in the future!

Character Bios

Role: Commander/Instructor/Advanced Specialist Combat Warrior
Synergize mode: Lion

The leader of the Prowlers and like also a lion who lives with a pride, SolRoar is the whole Pride of the Prowlers. What allows him to lead successfully is his complete trust in his comrades and his powerful emitting like aura of solar sunlight that the Prowlers feel safe among and the gentle calm but a commanding roar to lead his Prowlers with strong courage. He will do what ever it takes to protect anything and everything that deserves freedom and justice, even if it means to self sacrifice himself for it. The experience he gained over a long period of time taught him to always learn and synergize with total harmony with yourself and everything around you. Only then you will be the strongest you can possibly be without doubt.

Abilities/Weapons: SolRoar excels in every attribute as a Prowler, iron strength, intelligent combat, attuned sensors, agile capabilities, but the most strongest he possesses is his natural leadership and his special solaris solid mane that protects him and others with great defense. The next is his unrivaled melee claws that are retractable in both of his modes. They are specialized in any situation and they possess energy within them which have secrets behind them. The special mane allows him to not only protect himself but his comrades, he can create a emitting Solaris shield around himself or around a comrade for short period of time, repelling immense amount of damage.
He possesses 2 unique rocket missile pods on his shoulders that can also be alternated to his front or back side legs in Synergize mode. The missiles are special types that home in their targets and when hitting their target or landing somewhere they don't immediate explode as they are modified for SolRoar's command to detonate them at will by using a deep roar which echoes a vibration wave to the missiles and allows him to detect his enemies heat source and only then he can choose to explode his missiles or it marks them for him to hunt them down. These special missiles also allow his fellow Prowlers to have the ability to sense the missiles location and use them help locate their enemies.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses have been recorded.

Role: Second in Command/Specialist Combat Warrior
Synergize mode: Tiger

The second in command and closest comrade to SolRoar. His sharp mind is what allows him to assist his leader as second in command and his fellow Prowlers into safe and advantageous situations. He does not always speaks his mind but he is a ferocious warrior in battle with skills almost on par with his leader and potentially surpassing them one day. He cooperates well with his Prowlers by using his special combative skills to help further support them in the line of duty. At times SolRoar gives him full command to lead the Prowlers on missions to help further them grow as a team and syngerize their teamwork skills which PierceStrike as more than willing to do if necessarly.

Abilities/Weapons: Like his sharp mind, he has sharp claws in Synergize mode hidden piercing missles under the paws that are so precised at hitting their targets with high accuracy. He has many agile techniques to move freely on most terrains due to his adaptive claws. One of his strongest attribute is his diverse combat warrior skills, which in close or long range combat he can achieve great results by moving, attacking, evading, and being strategic. He possesses 2

Weaknesses: He does not like to fail missions and takes the fault which this sometimes can make him vulnerable and disappointed at times and allow enemies to take advantage of.

Role: Scout/Reconnaissance/Melee and Long-range Warrior
Synergize mode: Cheetah

The carefree sprinter is what hat drives her is being faster than the air itself and by doing this she feels free to challenge it by racing the force that tries to pull her back but never allows it. Anytime her leader gives commands to scout the unknown terrains or dangers, SprintBurst is more than willing to do it as to stretch her legs and see how fast she can do it without breaking a circuit wire. Her friendly nature allows her to get along with her comrades and she is very close friends with Furequence due to their abilities to work together so well. In her spare time she creates maps of the unknown terrains she discovers and time records of her travels and studies them thoroughly to improve herself and uses them to help her Prowlers gain knowledge what is always up ahead without having to struggle what could be more dangerous for them to not know is out there, this puts her at peace knowing she can do this for comrades.

Abilities/Weapons: Wields a double-edged blade that can be used for melee combat, a boomerang slicer, twin daggers, and bow and arrow. This gives her an advantage in many different battle situations by adapting to melee or long range combat.

Weaknesses: Her confidence in her fast agile abilities can be used against her as she acts too quickly for her own good thus giving her enemies a chance to find a opening to counter-attack her movements making her extremely fragile and vulnerable.

Role: Intelligence Gatherer/Inventor/Long-range Warrior
Synergize mode: Lynx

The communications expert. He has the largest sensory abilities among the Prowlers, which his allows him to hear and sense the smallest sounds being made within his frequency audio sensors. This makes him perfect for long range intel gathering missions without needed to be in a danger zone and report back any useful information. He sometimes eavesdrops without him knowing it and likes to talk about it with his close friend SprintBurst. This becomes a troublesome thing for him as he might hear too much for his own good but one thing is for sure is, he will tell you if you heard right or wrong.

Abilities/Weapons: Carries 2 double rocket launcher packs and can serve as rocket boosters. This is what makes him able to avoid danger in close range battles and plan ahead what decisions he can take to his favour and for his fellow Prowlers. It is the reason he acts as the Intelligence Gatherer and use any vital information he obtains to assess a safe situation through his high sensitive audio ear receptors that have a special unique frequency detectors.
Weaknesses: His worst enemy is close quarters combat, he does not have the same combat skills as his fellow Prowlers giving the enemy a chance to take advantage of him.

Role: Spy/Reconnaissance/Expert Melee Warrior
Synergize mode: Black Panther

The silent and elusive night warrior of the Prowlers. What makes this Prowler silent is his ability to hide in the shadows without trace or notice making him the perfect stealth assassin. He tries to stay close to his fellow comrades but he becomes distance at times due to his nature of wanting to be elusive in the shadows which gives him total peace. He respects his Prowlers and especially his leader but has a temper when he fails a mission which can be high unlikely due to his perfectionist experience but his skills are unique where he will always perform them elusively and deadly where he can acts so quickly to create scratch marks on his opponent/s and when his ready he will pounce with extreme deadliness and vanish into thin air.

Abilities/Weapons: Has 2 double paralyzing launchers attached to his arms. This gives him the ability to immobilize his enemies for a a short second and striking them with pure swiftness from the shadows. They can also shoot smoke bombs making his enemies blind and confused while he can choose to attack with clear precision and leaving little no room for error. His greatest ability is to hide in the shadows and become almost completely stealth during night, making him perfect for spying or recon missions. His second best ability is his dual melee laser claws. They can cut through some of the hardest steel armour or leaving a mark that will damage the enemy immensely.

Weaknesses: His stealth ability works best at night but during day time he has limited shadows to hide in which gives the enemy a clear vision of where he will try to strike.

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