Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Robo-Synergy" is a fan made name I created for this toy line since there is multiple toy companies that manufactured these toy molds with their own stylized releases of packaging and different names.

This blog is a fan tribute to a transforming robot toy line created by Japanese toy companies called "HERO, MARK, and SELECT". The toy line series was called "Sacred Beast Legend Bioroid" and it had at least 18 collectible 
action figures which had their own original toy designs and character profiles. All the toys had half human and half robotic designs that could change into either a robot animal, reptile, or insect.

To see more information, click the link below to find out and see!

My main focus for this blog will be to share and discuss my own personal experience through the worldwide international versions done by a company called "Champion Crown Industries Ltd" who created slight redesigns of the original versions. I'll explain what I've learned over the course of collecting this toy line and how much I really love them now after discovering their origins. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing!

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